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Paul Thomas has been writing since 1992. During this impressive period of time, he has achieved significant heights in fiction and has also written 9 books on sports. He is an erudite and versatile person whom we trust 100%. Paul is currently our main author and does a huge amount of work to ensure that our site provides you with all the information you need.

About Paul Thomas

Paul is a person deeply passionate about what he does, and it shows with the naked eye. We invited him to work with us just recently, in 2023, and we are extremely pleased with his positive response. It is valuable for us to have someone in our team who genuinely loves the profession and takes it as responsibly as possible. 

Despite the fact that Paul has just recently started on our site, he has already established himself very well. We have entrusted him with quite a few important tasks, which he is coping with brilliantly.

Paul’s Biography

Paul’s native country is the United Kingdom. However, his family moved to New Zealand when he was only three years old, in 1954. Paul grew up in Auckland and received a brilliant education, first at King’s College and then at the University of Auckland. He has a BA and MA in History and English, and amongst other students, he always stood out as a particularly diligent student. 

Since graduating, Paul has changed several jobs and residences. He worked as a reporter in Auckland, as an editor in London, and for a time he was a press officer for Airbus Industrie in France. However, he still returned to Auckland afterwards, working for a time as editor-in-chief of the Auckland Sun before changing activities to public relations manager. 

It was during this time that Paul’s first book, “Christmas on Rarotonga”, was born and instantly received public acclaim and high praise. This was the impetus for Paul to start collaborating with famous players, coaches and photographers. 

The most serious study from Paul’s work is “A Whole New Ball Game” written in 2003, as well as “The Heart of Rugby”. This was followed by the publication of his works of fiction, which also resonated with and delighted readers. 

Since 2004, Paul has remained involved with the sport as a columnist for the New Zealand Listener and also as a columnist for the New Zealand Herald. 

Collaborating with us is a relatively new activity for Paul Thomas, but we can see his enthusiasm and interest in making the most of his knowledge. And that is a good thing because that is how all the other authors in our team work. 

Paul’s Personal Blog

As another of his hobbies, Paul Thomas runs his own blog, which you can read by going to You may well find something of interest to you, whether it be information about his books or a column on current affairs. Anyway, if you want to get to know the author better, this page is a must-visit.

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