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Online Casino Complaints Service

If you’re having a problem with a casino we partner with, we’re here to help. Find out how with Player Assist, our new online casino complaints service.

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Complaint Resolution Process

Ever since we started the OnlineCasinosKiwi Complaint Service, we’ve been helping players and online casinos solve problems quickly and fairly. We know that sometimes even the best casinos can have issues that need fixing. That’s why we’re here. Our goal is to give players a place to talk about their problems, get help, and find solutions to their casino issues. Whether you’re having trouble with payments, games, or anything else related to the casino, our team is here to guide you through the process and make sure you get a fair and satisfying solution. Below are the steps to guide you on how to file a complaint against a casino.

Step 1)
Examine all available resolution options
Before filing an online casino complaint, explore all possible avenues for resolution with the casino, which may include contacting their disputes team. If you reach an impasse with the casino, you can proceed to submit a complaint with OnlineCasinosKiwi.
Step 2)
Investigation begins
Take the time to thoroughly review the OnlineCasinosKiwi complaint guidelines. By following these guidelines, you can assist us in expediting the process, ensuring that we have the necessary basis and information to take action. Next, proceed to submit your complaint.
Step 3)
Reaching out to the casino
Our dispute resolution team will get in touch with the casino. If we don’t receive a response, we will explore alternative avenues to assist you.
Step 4)
Resolving your problem
We will maintain communication with both you and the casino to ensure the resolution of your issue.

What kinds of problems could I encounter with an online casino?

When engaging with an online casino, various issues can potentially arise. One common concern is related to payment and withdrawals. Delays in processing withdrawals, disputes over winnings, or difficulties in making deposits can be frustrating for players. Additionally, issues with the fairness and integrity of games, such as suspected rigging or technical glitches, can impact the overall gaming experience. It’s essential to ensure the casino you choose operates transparently and fairly to minimize such concerns.

Another common problem involves customer support. Insufficient or unresponsive customer support can leave players feeling unheard and unable to resolve their issues promptly. Furthermore, issues related to account security and data privacy may emerge, highlighting the importance of choosing a reputable and secure online casino. By being aware of these potential problems and selecting a trustworthy casino with responsive customer support and transparent policies, players can mitigate many of these challenges and enjoy a more enjoyable gaming experience.Feel free to browse through our experts’ recommendations, including the list of the most secure online casinos and the list of sites to avoid.

A complaint doesn’t necessarily result in being blacklisted

Casino complaints don’t automatically lead to casinos being added to our list of sites to avoid because we follow a thorough review process. We only blacklist casinos that consistently fail to meet our review criteria and repeatedly let down their players. Our goal is to ensure fairness and accuracy in evaluating casinos, and we take into account a range of factors before making such a decision.

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