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Blacklisted Casino Sites

Our team of experts are dedicated to finding the most reliable and quality online casinos in New Zealand. Unfortunately, however, there are quite a few fraudulent and illegal sites on the Internet, where it is highly undesirable to create accounts and even more so to make deposits. We try very hard to monitor such online casinos and constantly update information about them, so that kiwi users do not get into an unpleasant situation and did not lose their money.

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Casino Sites to Avoid

We carry out a thorough analysis of online casino sites available to Kiwi players to warn you of possible dangers. On this page you can find rogue casinos that you should avoid.


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  • Unfair wagering requirements
  • Bad reputation
  • Unpaid winnings


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  • Extremely slow payouts
  • Possible scam
  • Support service doesn’t work

  • Unfair practices
  • Payment issues
  • Negative reviews

How Do We Check Casino Sites?

Our OnlineCasinosKiwi team uses a really rigorous process to evaluate gambling sites. We suggest you read our verification algorithm to see if our experts can be trusted. 

  • Licence Check. This is the very first and logical step when checking a particular site. Having a licence obliges the casino site to adhere to certain security standards. 
  • User Experience Analysis. Apart from forming our own impression, we also trust Kiwi players who leave their reviews online. 
  • Bonus Evaluation. Our team doesn’t just look at the bonus value, but also scrutinises the wagering terms and conditions and anything written in the fine print.
  • Examining Payment Methods. Partnering with trusted and ubiquitous payment providers is also important to the overall reputation of a casino brand. Our team makes sure to consider minimum deposit amounts, speed and security of transactions, and commissions. 
  • Support Service Check. Our team checks the service availability for all players, communication channels as well as the speed of specialist responses. 
  • Considering Security Systems. Data security is paramount these days. We look for information on what encryption and data protection techniques are used on a particular site.

By adhering to this evaluation system, we are able to comprehensively evaluate casino sites and identify any scams or potentially dangerous conditions for Kiwi players. Our goal is to keep you as safe as possible and give you an understanding of exactly what to avoid in the online gambling industry.

Reasons for Blacklisting a Casino

Our mission at OnlineCasinosKiwi is to guide players towards trustworthy online gaming. However, not all casinos meet our strict standards. Through extensive research and user reviews, we have identified several critical factors that may cause a casino to get on our blacklist. Here are the main reasons why we can recommend caution or avoiding certain platforms altogether:

  • Problems with payouts

The most worrying sign is when a casino fails to meet withdrawal requirements. Whether it’s excessive delays or outright refusal to pay out, this behaviour is unacceptable. A reliable casino should make payouts efficiently and without undue hindrance.

  • Falsified RTP values

Fair play is non-negotiable. Casinos that tamper with RTP rates to unfairly increase the establishment’s advantage will be immediately flagged. We expect transparent and standardised RTPs in all games.

  • Deceptive terms and conditions

Clarity and honesty in casino policies are critical. We are wary of sites that hide important details in small print or use ambiguous wording to mislead players. All rules should be simple and clear.

  • Negative player feedback

We pay close attention to user experience. A sequence of identical complaints from multiple players often indicates systemic problems that the casino is unwilling or unable to resolve.

  • Data insecurity

The privacy and protection of player data is non-negotiable. Casinos with weak security measures or a history of data breaches pose a significant risk to users’ personal and financial information.

  • Poor customer support

A responsive and friendly customer support team is very important. Casinos that consistently fail to respond to player issues quickly and professionally demonstrate a lack of commitment to user satisfaction.

By monitoring these factors vigilantly, we aim to protect our community from a potentially harmful gaming experience. Remember, a reputable casino should prioritise honesty, transparency and player satisfaction. If you’ve experienced any of these issues, it’s worth reconsidering your choice of gaming platform.

Where Is It Safe to Gamble?

As mentioned above, our team is dedicated to selecting quality and reliable casino sites where you can fully enjoy a variety of games. On our site, there are many categories at your disposal for any request, so you will be able to choose what you like.


What does it mean when a casino is blacklisted in New Zealand?

It means the casino has been identified as unsafe or untrustworthy for New Zealand players, often due to unfair practices or regulatory issues.

Can I still access a blacklisted casino from New Zealand?

Technically, you might be able to access it, but it’s strongly advised against for your own safety and legal compliance.

What are the risks of playing at a blacklisted casino?

Risks include potential loss of funds, identity theft, unfair gaming practices, and lack of legal recourse if issues arise.

Are all offshore casinos considered blacklisted in New Zealand?

No, not all offshore casinos are blacklisted. Many reputable international casinos operate legally and safely for New Zealand players.

Can a blacklisted casino become trustworthy again?

It’s possible, but rare. A casino would need to address all issues, undergo rigorous vetting, and regain trust from regulatory bodies and players.

What should I do if I’ve been playing at a casino that becomes blacklisted?

Immediately stop playing, withdraw any funds if possible, and report your experience to New Zealand’s gambling authority.

Can I get in trouble for playing at a blacklisted casino in New Zealand?

While players are generally not prosecuted, you risk losing money and may not have legal protection if issues occur.

How often should I check if a casino I’m playing at has been blacklisted?

It’s good practice to periodically check, perhaps monthly, or whenever you hear rumors about issues with the casino.

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